Oct 312015

Snip2Code recently published onto Microsoft Azure Marketplace the first enterprise-grade software knowledge management system: by preserving and sharing code snippets within the dev teams, the companies can experience a terrific burst in time-to-market, thanks to the reduction of development & integration and the improval of quality in re-using well-tested pieces of code. Moreover, a near-to-zero […]

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Oct 262015
Connected Automobiles 2015 Hackaton

  The 2015 edition of Connected Automobiles will take place on October 28-30 in Monza F1 Circuit (Milan – Italy), a charming location and a worldwide recognized symbol of innovation in automotive. We are partners of the event and judge for the CA+Hackathon. It will give developers, designers, and entrepreneurs the chance to pitch app and […]

Oct 232015
Connected Automobiles 2015

We are offical partners of Connected Automobiles 2015. It is the first connected cars Hackathon on a F1 circuit where hackathon teams can put into practice what they have experimented and perform live demonstrations by using connected cars available for tests. Since its foundation in 1922, the Monza Circuit has been considered as the speed […]

Oct 052015
Snippets of the day – Monday, October 05, 2015

Here are some of the most recently published snippets! Equality in javascript… An “equals” method for any type… try it, you might like it Open the snippet Author: sTiLL-iLL How to prettify a number with thousands or millions Prepares a pretty version of the given number, with the ability to match the right plural/singular form […]

Jun 042015
Snip2Code NetBeans Plugin is now available!

Another brick in the wall! Snip2Code launches the NetBeans Plugin, the most effective way for NetBeans lovers to collect, organize and share their pearls of wisdom, directly from their preferred IDE. You can find and download NetBeans Snip2Code Plugin at the Snip2Code Extensions and Plug-Ins page. Don’t forget to rate and comment it at NetBeans Plugin […]

May 132015
Snippets of the day – Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Here are some of the most recently published snippets! Get the correct RPM Build directory Get the correct RPM Build directory Open the snippet Author: detain Switch statement simple Switch statement simple Open the snippet Author: restlessankur Move a file to another location in SQL Server Here is the procedure to move a file to […]

Apr 162015
Snippets of the day - Thursday, April 16, 2015

Here are some of the most recently published snippets! SNIPPET – Box2d_LibGdx_Integration Box 2d Lib Gdx Integration Open the snippet Author: leonardo IOS: get row from NSMutableArray how to get data from NSMutableArray Open the snippet Author: wassim Recreate the index structure of an MS SQL Server DB in T-SQL This script prepares and executes […]

Feb 182015
Snip2Code is again on repubblica.it!!!

Snip2Code is the star of a new article on repubblica.it, the web portal of one of the most important Italian newspapers. Here is the article translation: New important results for Snip2Code, the start-up from Genoa that two years ago settled in the Silicon Valley, recently funded by the US giant Plug & Play. The company, formed by a […]

Feb 022015
Snippets of the day - Monday, February 02, 2015

Here are some of the most recently published snippets! IOS root view controller exception Application windows are expected to have a root view controller at the end of application launch Open the snippet Author: wassim placeholder simple placeholder simple Open the snippet Author: restlessankur Retrieve the keys of a dictionary sorted by values Returns the […]