An even better Snip2Code is here

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snip2code-pro-moteIt is time to be noticed by the dev community: now, with Snip2Code Pro-Mote, this is one-click far from you!

Just go to the Pro section of Snip2Code web site and click on the Pro-Mote tab; upload one of your best images and a link to your personal web page: this image will be shown on top of all your snippets and in your profile page; a click on this image will bring the visitor to your personal page, where you will be able to give consultancy, services, or just become friend of this user! Just one tip: an image with your face and name collects much more clicks than an “anonymous” one.

We want to reward you because you are an early adopter of Snip2Code, so, this PRO feature is free for you if you activate it within the next 30 days. Hurry up, the glory is waiting for you!

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