New Eclipse plugin is now available

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snip2code-pluginNew eclispe plugin is now available, with outstanding new features:

  • BulkImporter: selecting one or more Java file, the BulkImporter deduces snippets within these files (mostly static methods) and shows them to the user to make a massive upload directly to the server.
  • Search with advanced filtering: now you can filter query through various properties such as language, OS, etc., possibly giving a context to the search (eg only your own snippets, only snippets in your groups, only snippets published on channels).
  • Intellisense by Snip2Code: typing “///” followed by a search query and pressing CTRL+SPACE, a list of snippets matching will be shown such a search, in the Intellisense usual UI style.
  • Editable Snippets: now the user is able to edit a snippet directly from the results of a search (if allowed!).

More features are coming, stay tuned!

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