Snip2Code and Microsoft bring code snippets sharing to the enterprise level

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Snip2Code recently published onto Microsoft Azure Marketplace the first enterprise-grade software
knowledge management system: by preserving and sharing code snippets within the dev teams, the
companies can experience a terrific burst in time-to-market, thanks to the reduction of development &
integration and the improval of quality in re-using well-tested pieces of code.
Moreover, a near-to-zero “downtime” of dev teams can be achieved when facing developers turnover,
where in the past the defection of a senior developer would bring painful, long and costly handovers.
Already perceived as a cornerstone tool to qualify the quality on internal processes of software
companies, Snip2Code aims at improving the efficiency of development teams from the programming
phase, to the integration & quality assurance, reaching the DevOps. Not to mention the documentation
aspect: every programmer knows that 10 lines of code sample are extremely more valuable (and
appreciated) than 30 pages of wiki-like explanation!
By adopting a private instance of Snip2Code hosted on Azure platform, the customer can also take
advantage of a 5-minutes setup for the full platform, together with the performance and scalability that
Azure provides in such a scenario.
Free 2 months trial, a powerful set of open APIs to extend the platform with new widgets, and the full
integration within the most popular IDEs like Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ and others
complete the recipe of the ultimate tool for software collaboration.

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