Snip2Code experience at Plug and Play Spring EXPO

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March 27th, 2014, Snip2Code was one of the startup companies at the Plug and Play Startup Camp Spring EXPO. Several hundreds Silicon Valley investors and entrepreneurs attended to see the pitches. Here is how we lived the Expo.

Events like the Demo Day of Plug&Play are quite usual in Silicon Valley, and if you join them you will always find a bunch of startups trying to emerge from the crowd. Eventually, the 3-minutes pitch is a very useful way to have a glance of a lot of ideas in a row.

It’s really interesting to see such events from the point of view of the startups: to pack your message in 3 minutes is really hard, but yet very useful to have a real touch on the prioritization of your stuff. Nonetheless, when preparing the pitch, you understand that probably you could only grasp the surface of your own world, and the reaction usually is: “There’s much more than this in our company!”. It’s true. It’s definitely true. But this emphasise the rule of a successful startup: focus on a particular aspect, a single, simple, straightforward idea that solves a real problem in an innovative way better than everybody out there.

We had the luck to start from the very beginning exactly in this way: Snip2Code solves a real pain for developers, the management of software expertise, with a simple solution that exactly targets this issue; we perfectly know that there are tons of other features in our platform, but the reason why almost 50,000 coders use Snip2Code more than 415,000 times each month is the capability to find the best snippet in a few seconds instead of hours of repository browsing or Google searches. Period.

Together with all the contacts and the high number of great conversation we had on our booth, this has been the greatest benefit of the Demo Day for us.

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