Snip2Code lands on the pages of “Repubblica” Italian newspaper

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repubblica-it-homepageOne of the most important Italian newspapers, La Repubblica, has published an article about us. You can find the original version of the web page here. Below is a free translation of the article.

“Since two years Silicon Valley speaks also Genoese language, thanks to a group of young graduates in Electronic and Computer Engineering of Genoa. In April 2012 they founded “Snip2Code”, recently funded by Plug & Play, based in San Francisco. Snip2Code name recalls the old Lego idea of assembling building blocks although in reality it is a sophisticated web service made by tools and a website that let the user to save, organize and share his software knowledge.

Every developer – says from the Bay Area Cristiano Ghersi, CEO and Founder of Snip2Code – has a large number of base building blocks (i.e. snippets) used to create new software projects. This container can be enriched by him or by his co-workers by adding new blocks with several properties. And since this container can be filled with thousands of different pieces, our system allows the user to quickly and easily search exactly the needed block, without stirring the cauldron for hours looking for the right piece.

Snip2Code allows companies experts to dramatically reduce the development time because they have already prepared the “string” of codes to be used. The company can also reduce operating costs involving junior workers, who in the meantime can enjoy the expertise of seniors through their snippets. And that is exactly what happened to the Genoese developers creating this service as the result of decades of experience in their respective fields. “The history of Snip2Code – clarifies Ghersi – wants to be an example for many other young graduates because it shows the high potential of made-in-Italy software, despite the crisis that affects the global markets. Competence and skills, entrepreneurship and tenacity in pursuing projects and objectives made our start-up to take off and fly in the global universe of Integrated Development Environments.”

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