Snip2code mentioned in “Fondatori”, a book by Luca De Biase and Luca Tremolada

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fondatori-libro-hoepliSnip2code has been mentioned in “Fondatori” (i.e. Founders), a book by Luca De Biase and Luca Tremolada. Here’s a summary of the book.

Innovation is the road to growth and employment. And the creation of new innovative companies is a key driver of innovation in the contemporary economy. Starting a company can be an exciting experience. But how do you start a startup that will be successful? Where can you find help? And what opportunities you can look for?

Some of the great protagonists of the Italian startups scene tell their story, explain what they have learned and offer their advice. They aim at those who want to launch a startup and at companies that can find in the purchase of a startup a way to innovate themselves. In addition, they propose to Italian citizens a perspective to support a policy to facilitate the creation of new innovative companies. 

You can find the book following this link.

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