Snippets of the day – Friday, November 1, 2013

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halloween-code-pumpkinHere are some of the most recently published snippets!

How to bind a validation list to a cell of Excel file in Csharp

This c# method allows to define a validation list of entries (as string, using comma [,] as separator character) to bind to a specific cell for a sheet in an xls file (Microsoft Excel compatible). The validation list appears as a dropdown menu, where the user can choose the content from.

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Author:    lbottaro

How to create a filtered list in an Excel file in C#

This c# example allows to insert a list filter into a sheet of a Excel xls file. This filter allows to select only the rows where the selected cell content matches the criteria. The method needs the top left and bottom right cell coordinates to generate the list.

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Author:    lbottaro

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