Snippets of the day – Monday, November 11, 2013

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code-snippet Here are some of the most recently published snippets!

Amazon S3 Aws – Creating a bucket in python

This code shows how to create a new bucket using boto API on a S3 Amazon account. Please note that the name of the bucket must be unique, different from any other bucket existing in Amazon S3 storage. For this reason you can add some random value to make it unique. Open the snippet Author:    lbottaro @ Amazon_AWS_Python_API

Amazon S3 Aws – Adding a file to a bucket using boto API

This python example shows how to add some content to an existing bucket to Amazon S3. You need to add a new key, named as the filename and then invoke the set\_contents\_from\_string method to add a new file. Prerequisites: You need an existing bucket. Open the snippet Author:    lbottaro @ Amazon_AWS_Python_API

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