Snippets of the day – Thursday, October 17, 2013

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Here are some of the most recently published snippets!


A design pattern which extends the singleton pattern to a map of named singleton instances.
The construction of instances (cls() ) is not generic.

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Author:    mprisznyak

Extract or Unpack a TarBz2 File

This code shows how to extract a tar bz2 file in linux.
Command options:

-x : Extract a tar ball.

-v : Verbose output or show progress while extracting files.

-f : Specify an archive or a tarball filename.

-j : Decompress and extract the contents of the compressed archive created by bzip2 program (tar.bz2 extension).

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Author:    lbottaro
compress tar zip unzip bz2 untar Linux x86_64

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