Story of a snippet: manipulating strings and more with Swift

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Swift is a new programming language for iOS and OS X app development, combining many parts, types and concepts of C and Objective-C languages. In this post we will have a quick look of some basic concepts like manipulating strings, declaring and looping arrays, using switches for checking conditions. We want to thank our user marksimon232 for […]

Story of a snippet: how to avoid complicated “IF” statements

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Today we want to focus on the very nice snippet proposed by our user Miklós Prisznyák (mprisznyak): “how to avoid complicated “IF” statements”. The snippet code is available at the following link. As you can see, Miklós provides an effective and good programming technique example to avoid too many nested and complicated “IF” statements. In a typical […]

Story of a snippet: Linux one liner bash code to detect file or directory from a given list

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Today we want to go deep into a snippet posted by one of the most active users on snip2code: lbottaro. We’ll let him to explain how to use his snippet. Obviously, we used the Snip2Code embed feature to include the code in this post. 🙂 [iframe id=”embedFrame” style=”width: 600px; height: 120px;” src=””] In Linux OS developers […]