Which is your favourite programming language?

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Which is the best language? Opinions vary, spanning from technical reasons (constructs, performances, etc.) to “religious-like” mantras. The real answer to the question is: let’s vote! The superior language is the one that is mostly adopted by developers, because developers can discuss hours on the different features but at the end programmers choose the most useful language (and maybe powerful).


As written in this article, it looks like C# is staging a comeback. Year-over-year, C# was the second-fastest growing language. And Internet powerhouse PHP was the biggest loser, down 55 percent from 2012. By volume, Python and Java reigned supreme, but if you look at percentage change from 2011 to the present, iOS coding language Objective-C is still going strong. But check out C#! This Microsoft technology is still small in sheer volume, but it’s growing quickly.

At the same time, this input reveals the trend to be followed by content management systems like Snip2Code, that want to address most useful snippets for developers. On this side, Snip2code statistics are quite on the same line of the trends, with the first 3 languages being: JavaScript, Python, and C#.

And what about you: which is your favourite coding language?

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